Incontinence Pads

MRSA Resistant Waterproof Bedding 

In an age of drug-resistant bacteria its important to remember that prevention is better than cure. 

This product is incredibly comfortable, fluid proof and latex free. This breathable Duvet has an impermeable cover and resilient polyester inner fill.

 It is comfortable, hygienic and economical, they require no laundering having a simple wipe clean surface.

Flame Retardant to British Standard 7175.

Available in a range of standard sizes. Contact for more information. 
We do a huge range of other products including:
• Walking aids
• Incontinence products
• Rehabilitation furniture
• Hoists
• Challenging Behaviour Furniture and Support
• Paraplegic Support   
• Blue roll
• Hand towels
• Wheelchairs 
• Electrical reclining chairs 
• Bleach and floor cleaning solutions
• Kitchen cleaners
• Mops and buckets
• Virucidal cleaners
• Pedal and swing bin liners
• Toilet rolls
• Patient handling products
• Conti wipes 
• Waterproof bedding
• Nitrile gloves
• Synthetic gloves
• Vinyl gloves
• Commodes
• Kitchen gadgets
• Bathroom gadgets 
• Bath seats
• Dishwasher tablets, solutions
• Washing powder
• Bandages
• Splints and supports
• Diagnostic equipment
• Equipment for nurses
• A wide range of specialist cleaning fluids   

For any specialist equipment for veterinary practices, dentists, doctors or cleaners please Email or call us for details.
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