Catering Goods

Catering Goods


We offer a wide range of products including:
Protective Wear For Food Industry - All Colours Available 
Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves all sizes
Blue Oversleeves
Blue Overshoes 14" &16"
Mob Caps
Beard Snoods

Foil and Film 
Cling Film 12" (Non PVC) 300 Meters
Cling Film 18" (Non PVC) 300 Meters
Foil 12” 75 Meters
Foil 18" 75 Meters
Baking Parchment
Wrapmaster 3000 Clingfilm
Wrapmaster 4500 Clingfilm
Foilmaster 3000
Foilmaster 4500
Wrapmaster Dispenser

Food Containers and Lids 
Foil Containers Size 1
Lids for Foil Containers Size 1
Foil Containers Size 6
Lids for Size 6
Plastic Plate Covers (microwave)

Food and Sandwich Bags 
Food and Sandwich Bags Size 16 x 15cm
Food Bags Size 25 x 30 cm
Freezer Bags Size 25 x 30 cm
Freezer Bag Roll Size 22 x 28 

Bar Supplies 
Flexi Straws
Plastic Pint Glasses
Plastic Half Pint Glasses
Beerline Cleaner
Waiters Pads
Brasso Metal Polish

Catering Supplies 
Chopping Board Set Gr/Ye/Wh/Br/Re/Bl
Chopping Board Set with Rack
Coloured Knife- All Colours
5 Ltr Jug
Squat Plastic Cups non bending
Candles – Various colours
Catering Descaler

Probe Wipes 
Premi Probe Wipes

Fridge/Freezer Thermometer – Digital
Meat Probe Thermometer – Digital
Fridge/Freezer Thermometer In fridge
Room Thermometer

Ignition Lighter 
Kernow Medical Supplies Ltd
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