Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products


Kitchen Cleaners 
Astonish Kitchen Trigger Sprays
Astonish Sanitiser Trigger Sprays
Astonish Orange Multi Surface Trigger
Hard surface Bacterial Cleaner Trigger
Hard Surface Bactericidal Cleaner
Heavy Duty Degreaser
DymaBac Heavy Duty Degreaser
Bleach based sanitiser 
Cream cleaner
Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosols
Astonish Stainless Steel Cleaner

Oven Cleaners 
Astonish Oven Cleaner Trigger Sprays
Kleenoff Oven Cleaner Aerosols

Hand Washing Up Liquid/Bowls 
Washing Up Liquid
Washing Up Liquid 20-30% Concentrate
Washing Up Liquid
Washing-Up Bowl

Probe Wipes 
Premi Probe Wipes

Specialist Cleaner
Kills MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis C, Clostridium Difficle and Swine Flu 

Selgiene Ultra virucidal cleaner trigger sprays
Selgiene Ultra virucidal cleaner
Selgiene Extreme Hard Surface Cleaner
Selgiene Extreme – Triggers
Selgiene Ultra complies with EN 1276 13704, 14476 and 14675. 
Manufactured to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 

Machine and Dishwash Liquid & Powder 
Auto Dishwash Liquid
Auto Glasswash Liquid
Auto Rinse Aid
Dishwasher Descaler
Auto Dishwash Liquid
Auto Glasswash Liquid
Auto Rinse Aid
Auto Dishwash Powder
Dishwash Tablets
Dishwasher Salt

Thick Bleach
Thick Bleach - Swan Neck
Bleach Chlorine Tablets Tub
Bleach Based Sanitizer (Milton Equivalent)

Pine Disinfectant
Floral Disinfectant
Lemon Disinfectant
Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant

Sterilizing Solution 
Dr Johnsons Sterilizing Solution

Toilet Cleaner – and Brush and Holder
Thick Loo Cleaner -swan neck
Thick Loo Cleaner
Deodorant Barrel Blocks
Toilet Rim Hangers
Toilet Brush and Holder
Evans washroom cleaner - pot pourri

Drain Cleaning 
One Shot Drain Cleaner

Washroom & Bathroom Cleaners 
Astonish Bathroom Cleaner
Selgine Ultra Virucidal Trigger Sprays
Selgine Ultra Virucidal Cleaner
Evans Pot Pourri
Dymasan Bathroom Cleaner - Peach
Cream Cleaner

Floor Maintenance 
Lemon Floor Gel
Pine Floor Gel
15" Buffing Discs- All Colours Available
Spillage Granules
Caution Wet Floor Sign
Heavy Duty Scrubber Drier Detergent

All types of Carpet Scrubbers, Floor Cleaners and Vacuums available - please ask for details 

Carpet & Fabric Cleaning & Odour Neutralisers 
Carpet Pre-Spotter
Bio Fresh Carpet Fresh
Refresh Air & Fabric Freshener
X-Tract CarpetShampoo Dymaprep
Selden Odour Neutraliser Additive
Bio Fresh Concentrate

Furniture Polish 
DymaFlect – General Furniture Polish
DymaFlect – General Furniture Polish
Aerosol Furniture Polish

Window Cleaning 
Glaze Window Cleaner

Hard Surface Wipes 
Duzzit Wipes – Bactericidal & Sanitising
Clinell Sanitising Wipes
Clinell Dispensers for Wipes
Hard Surface Bacterial Wipes
Disinfectant Wipes – Isopropanal (AZO Type)

Fly Spray 

Mould Remover 

Envirological Products 
Washing Up Liquid
Machine Dishwash Liquid
Rinse Aid
Liquid Hand Soap

Refuse Sacks/ Bin Liners 
Black Refuse Sacks Heavy Duty
Black Refuse Sacks Medium Duty
Black Compactor Sacks
Dissolvo Sacks/Alg Stitch Red 
Pedal Bin Liners - Medium Duty
Pedal Bin Liners - Heavy Duty
Swing Bin Liners
Bin Liners on roll - Tie Handles
Perfumed Swing Bin Liners - Tie Handles

Coloured Waste Sacks 
Yellow Refuse Sacks
Blue Refuse Sacks
Green Refuse Sacks
Red Refuse Sacks
Orange Refuse Sacks
Clear Refuse Sacks

Waste Sack Holder 
Clinical Waste Sack Holder- Foot Pedal Yellow
Clinisan Fully enclosed Clinical Waste Bin

Mops and Handles 
Kentucky Mop Head
Kentucky Handle and Clip
Hygiemix Mop Head
Hygiemix Aluminium Mop/Brush Handle
Dolly Mop Head
Mop Handle – Wooden
Big White Mophead (disposable)
Complete Dry Mop Rectangular Set
Handle and Frame
Replacement Micro fibre Head
WT Wall Tidy

Buckets and Bowls 
Mop Bucket & Wringer- All Colours Plastic
Metal Mop Bucket and Wringer
Buffalo Bucket With Lever & Wheels
Bison Bucket Wringer &Wheels
Washing -Up Bowl
Black Bucket
Plastic Blucket 12L Orange
Plastic White Bucket 20L

Vikan Products 
* Specialist * All Products Available on Request 

Brushes and Dustpans 
Broom Head - Hard Bristle
Broom/Mop Handle- Wooden
12" soft broom head - all colours plastic
12" stiff broom head - all colours plastic
Colour Coded Handle aluminium
Scrubbing Brush
Dustpan & Brush (Plastic)
Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

All Purpose Cleaning Cloths 
Handy Wipes - Blue/Red/Green/Yellow
Microfibre Cloths all colours
Stockinette Roll

Sponge Scourer – Yellow & Green
Green Scouring Pads
Spiral Steel Scourers
Soap Pads
Pot Brush
Duzzit Dishwashing up brush

Rubber Gloves/Hand Hygiene 
Rubber Gloves- All Sizes
Plastic Nail Brush

Kitchen Cloths, Tea Towels and Dusters 
Oven Cloth
Floor Cloth
Dish Cloths
Tea Towels
Glass Cloths
Lambswool Duster
Yellow Dusters

Air Fresheners and Metered Dispensers 
Cranberry Air Freshener
Refresh Air & Fabric Freshener
Flower Shop Air Freshener
Metered Dispenser Refills- All Fragrances
Metered Dispenser 250ML Size
Dispensers for 5L Refills 
Trigger Spray Refill Bottle
Push Pump Dispenser For 5 Litre Containers

Vacuum Cleaner Bags 
Henry Hoover Bags
Summer Meadow Vacuum Freshener discs- fits all types
Sebo Hoover Bags
Ensign Hoover Bags
Hoover Bags for LG Cylinder Vac
Henry Micro Hoover Bags

We Also Supply All Other Types Of Hoover Bags- Please Ask For Details 

Storage Boxes 
Swing Bin 40 litres
Storage/Laundry Boxes 16 litre

Ashtray on the wall

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