Aids & Equipment

Aids & Equipment

Even simple equipment can mean the difference between living independently and needing someone to look after you.
We offer a wide range of products including:
Bed Accessories 
Urine Bag Holder (Freestanding)
Catheter Stand
Bed rails for Casa Bed
Cot Sides (Divan Bed)
Cot Sides (Hospital Bed)
Full Length Cot Bumpers
Alert Pressure mat with transmitter and pager

Deluxe Drip Stand

Drinking Aids 
Two Handled Beakers with Lids
Beakers 4mm Spout
Beakers 8mm Spout
Clear Beaker with Lid
Hydrant bottle and tube
Spare tube for hydrant bottle

Eating Aids 
Plate Guards
Manoy Plate – Small
Manoy Plate – Large

Overbed Table with Split Legs
Table to go over electric riser/recliner

Toileting Aids 
Bath Mat
Wipe Clean Commode Ring
Portable Bidet
Raised Toilet Seat
Shower Chair
Adjustable Height Toilet Aid
Adjustable Height Stacking Commode
Mobile Commode
Plastic Coated Toilet Frame

Bath Scoop Thermometer 
Bath Thermometer

Casa Bed Handset 
Linak 8 Button Control for Casa Bed
Walking Sticks/Crutches
Adjustable Walking Stick
Adjustable Folding Walking Stick
Folding Walking Stick Patterned
Adjustable Elbow Crutches with Ergonomic Handle
Wrist/Thumb Brace
Spinal Support

Walking Aids 
Tri Wheeled Walker
Light Weight Tri-Wheeled Walker
Tri Walker in Blue/Red
Bag for Tri-Wheeled Walker

"Glideabout" Lightweight Transit Chair
Steel Wheelchair Transit
Dashlight Wheelchair attendant operated
Self Propelled Wheelchair

Wheelchair Accessories 
Stick/Cane Holder
Wheelchair Cup Holder
Wheelchair Comfort Holdall

Household Aids 
Personal Alarm Torch
Adjustable Perching Stool
Shower Stool with adjustable legs

Helping Hands 
Helping Hand Long Reach
Helping Hand Feather Weight

Grab Rails 
Grab Rail – 12"
Grab Rail – 18"
Grab Rail – 24"
Grab Rail – 36"

Bed Chair Raisers 
Bed/Chair Raiser 3½"
Bed/Chair Raiser 5½"

Ablestand Patient Turner 

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